Day 2 of this Blog

Ok, so it’s day two.  I’m still working on a couple more articles, and my wife says I shouldn’t do them at work.  She’s probably right.  I might be able to spit something out during my lunch break though.  Have any of you ever really thought about the fate of this Country?  There for a while I was truly concerned.  And now not so much.  Not because I think it’s getting better, but because I’ve become more complacent.  Just like the rest of the Country.  This is a bad thing.  We cannot forget what this Country was founded on. “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.  Uh-oh, I feel an article coming on.  Later


  1. I remember graduating high school and having this fire inside me to help maintain our liberties in this country, and I too, have gotten complacent(sp). It just feels like nothing can be done sometimes. Some days, I just want to move to a cabin, deep in the woods, and live off of the land, far away from the bureaucracy our of federal and state government, but then I remember I’m not very outdoors-y…

    Such is life.


  2. Gotta buy them first, and I refuse to pay a “Poor Tax”…..that’s all lotto tickets are.

    I’m doing some research now on inalienable rights…and how they are evolving….I might right something on the topic…Let me know about the guest writer….we can make this into a family ordeal.

    You know I have to be involved…it’s an “I, I , ME, ME” thing.


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